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Dragonfish Bingo

After establishing itself as the B2B section of 888 in 2007 the Dragonfish network has made a name for itself with comprehensive service, global market reach and a large number of game partners. With an aim to help online gaming companies gain more business this network has already won awards for its service. Back in 2011 it was named ‘Most Popular Online Bingo software’ at the Bingoport Players Choice Awards.

When it comes to being able to play on sites connected to this network you can expect to be able to use a range of options from hotel room televisions to mobile phones.

So far the company’s main driving force has been behind the mobile market as now you can access sites on this network on a range of devices from Windows Phones, Androids and iPhones so you can play your favourite games whenever you like.


If you’re playing on a site which is part of the network, you’ll have access to over 1,000 different games that cover different genres from casino games like slots and poker to quick-play titles like scratch cards and keno.

There’s even bingo games that come in a range of different varieties, like 90 and 75 ball, as well as provide players with a variety of different prizes and ticket prices to cater to the majority of gambling budgets. Plus the bingo games are also multi-language compatible so you can get your fix of bingo games even if you don’t speak the language.

They also provide fantastic tutorials for games if you’re a novice with online casino sites as well as a customer service team that can be contacted 24 hours a day should you have any problems. Plus for your mobile they also offer downloadable games that come in both real and demo play so you can get your favourite games on your phone and play them for free to try them out for a while.

With constant upgrades being made to the network and new games appearing on a regular basis there’s no end to the benefits you can get from joining Dragonfish or playing on a site that’s connected to it. So when you’re looking for a website to play on why not try one that’s connected to this network because there’s a ton of benefits and bonuses you can take advantage of.

Jumpman Gaming

Formerly known as Bingo Vision Software, Jumpman Gaming burst out onto the online gaming scene back in September of 2011. Since it launched it quickly became the processing powerhouse of the 15 Network and the exclusivity of Jumpman Gaming software is what drives most bingo sites to sign up nowadays.

In the last few years this software provider has managed to carve their own little niche in the gambling market by using almost signature games and a visual design that mixes bright brand and vivid graphics in its games to grab your attention.

Although it’s still relatively fresh faced to the market this software providers goal is give players the best social online gaming experience they can get.

Even though they’re still new to the gambling scene they’re already available on a wide range of devices. As far as mobiles are concerned you can still access your favourite sites that are powered by this software provider by going through an HTML browser app on your phone. When you do this you’ll be taken to a phone friendly homepage that you can navigate around and pick out games to play and bonuses to sign up to.

The sites and games that use this software are compatible across a range of devices from Android, iPhone and even the more recent Blackberry smartphones.


One thing you’ll notice as you go on the different sites that are connected by jumpman gaming is that the bonuses and games are fairly similar. However, this works in its favour as it helps to build familiarity amongst the different brands, so you can go from one site to another and you’ll know what sort of thing you can expect in terms of perks and games. So you’ll get to enjoy things like a prize wheel when you make your first deposit and games that cover popular classics like Fluffy Favourites and Shamans Dream to name just a few of them.

Although there is one thing that sets them apart from other brands and that’s the fact that on each of these websites the main goal is to create a community of players either through chat games or social media integration that will allow you to invite friends into special matches. So in the future when you’re looking for a site to sign up to why not see if they use Jumpman Gaming software.

Gamesys Bingo

Originally launching in 2001 the Gamesys bingo network launched its first site a year later before meteorically spiralling up in success and popularity with online bingo sites. Since their launch they’ve had 4.3 billion cash bets in total across their brands on the network and they’ve won multiple awards from WhichBingo and EGR that range from ‘Best Online Game of the Year’ to ‘Best Online TV Ad’ and ‘Innovation in Slots’. So you can see that they’re company who knows what they’re doing.

It also helps that their main aim to build one of the most successful online entertainment business in the world to provide players with the very best in online games as well as giving people access to top quality online websites.

If there’s one thing this network does well it’s accessibility as you can get on your favourite sites and games on multiple platforms from tablets, PCs and most important of all, your mobile. You can access these on a range of devices from Androids, iPhones and Windows phones and the games can either be played online through an HTML browser or depending on the site you can download a special app to use that will have either one specific game or a range of titles from one brand.


What sets aside the sites on this network is that they can come with an exclusive pre-buy option as well as automatic prize claiming and the ability to choose from a range of games. So you’ll get to play things like bingo that comes in a variety of genres from 90 and 75 ball as well as some side games that can go from slots to classic table and casino games if you prefer something with a bit of a slower pace.

Also since the company is comprised of a lot of top level programmers you can expect to get your hands on some really impressive games. Another feature to sites on this network is that each one has their own unique design and separate promotions to make them stand out. This is rather different to sites connected to something like Cozy Games for example as they tend to follow a set pattern when it comes to games and bonuses.

With over 100 different brands available on this network you’ll never be short of fun games to play or exclusive bonuses to try out.

Cozy Games

Originally founded in 2005 this brand has been around for quite a while and they’re considered to be one of the best and most influential mobile friendly gambling networks around. Their mission is to achieve growth by joining with high quality partners to create compelling content for players. They were also the first network to launch mobile based gambling sites and over the years their ranks have swelled with some pretty famous bingo and casino sites.

Using their own unique GDK software they allows artists and website operators to create slot games with the most minimal amount of coding which allows for faster development speeds. They’ve also won multiple awards including one for Innovation in Bingo received from the eGaming Review B2B awards.

Playtech Bingo

Originally launching back in 1999 Playtech are considered to be one of the world’s biggest online bingo software providers on the market. Since their launch the company’s main goal has been the continuous development and production of the best bingo games, products and other online content that spans genres like sport betting, casual gaming and live games.

A feather in the company’s cap is the fact that they won a ‘Software Supplier of the Year’ award at the 2014 eGaming review in Italy which honoured the company’s achievements in the online gambling market.

One of the best things about this software company is that it’s at the forefront of the growing mobile gambling market and so it uses it as the spearhead for all its future developments. What this means is that all their latest games and products are and always will be mobile compatible across a wide range of devices from Androids, Blackberries, Windows Phones and of course Apple products like iPhones and iPads.


The great thing about sites powered by Playtech’s bingo software is that they’ll have all the best games. Their software is so popular that their subsidiary websites that use it for bingo regularly draw in 60,000 unique visitors every day.

Since this company has managed to set up an almost unrivalled gambling network they can also provide players on their websites with massive prize pools as well as a large library of side games. Using their innovative software they can give players over 500 unique casino games that cover slots, table and scratchcards with 50 new and exciting ones developed and released every single year.

Plus thanks to licensing agreements they’ve been able to develop games based off popular superhero movies, horror films and even TV shows to give players a ton of unique and interesting games to play.

They’ve also began to develop their own poker service that covers 9 different game types, different tables and the ability of their clients to fully customise their games to fit individual website tastes, styles and cultures. These poker rooms also come with 24 hour support and cover a range of languages and currencies.

When you’re looking for a bingo site to sign up to you should definitely go for one powered by Playtech because they’re guaranteed to always offer you the best in online bingo and casino games to play for hours on end.

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