UK Bingo Sites July 2024

UK bingo sites are saturated with some incredible platforms for customers to claim lucrative bonuses and create some huge wins. The most difficult part of bingo playing could actually be choosing the best sites to win on, however that is of course a matter of opinion.

The size of the market is ever increasing, with new sites making their way up the ranks to try and compete with the best. These sites offer fresh features and promotions for new players to experience.

Using the latest technological advances, UK bingo sites can really differentiate themselves from the rest, attracting customers who want to experience something new. With the sites that we offer, we have also reviewed them, giving our non-biased opinions on every aspect of the bingo platform, to help you make the decision of which site matches your tastes and preferences. With the amount of sites in the UK, we have delved deep into these reviews, looking at the features, bonuses, customer support, payment methods, mobile accessibility and more.

New vs. Redesigned UK Bingo Sites

Online bingo isn’t a platform which sees technological advancements as regularly as the casino and slots industry, but there a few operators who like to keep on top of their websites by making them as aesthetically pleasing as possible, which in turn has some great advantages.

New sites

New online bingo sites will go all out to push all the latest designs into their platform. As a result, this leads to a very fresh and clean interface, whether you’re playing from your PC or mobile device. The animations look and feel sharp and buttery smooth. A downside to applying all this latest tech into a site is that it can mean slower load times on older devices.

Redesigned sites

Some of the older sites have needed a face lift in the past and this is exactly what a redesign of a site promises players. You’ll still find all the great features you fell in love with the first time you started playing there and normally the new version will keep the layout somewhat similar whilst the core attributes stay the same.

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Why swap to a new UK bingo site?

The thought of change does not appeal to a lot of people, which is understandable. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. But what if by not changing, you were hindering your experience, and not being able to explore the latest free bingo features and claim some hugely rewarding offers. This is what could happen by not choosing a UK site.

UK bingo sites are being released as they are innovative creations based on customer tastes and preferences. The bingo market has increased by over six times in the past eight years, which is a huge increase of hundreds and thousands of customers. These newly-built sites are in an attempt to attract a new variety of customers. The online bingo industry at the moment is predominantly female, but with adaptation and innovation, more male customers have started accessing these sites.

You can find a range of pay to play and free bingo games at them. These new games come with fresh bonuses and features, great for new players wanting a change from the generic bonuses and gameplay, wanting to find a new jackpot game. It is true that a lot of the newer bingo operators that have been released do in fact offer more games and newer games than older sites. This is normally because newer sites are part of a larger bingo network with more advanced software, such as the very popular Dragonfish. This means you can play in more rooms and play more games, including different variations.

Account verification

Last May, new account verification rules took effect, and apply to any UK licenced site. When withdrawing was when players used to have to prove their identity, however, now, bingo sites have to verify the age and identity of a new player before even making a deposit or playing any games (which includes free to play and demo games as well).

Raft of bingo site closures

More sites closed than opened, making the UK sites you see listed here all the more sought after. There were a few exceptional circumstances that caused this: GVC streamlined the Cozy platform, shutting down a lot of smaller operators; the Jumpman migration of old 15 Network and Wheel of Slots bingo sites meant many were in fact cut, rather than moving to the new platform; and some Dragonfish skins closed.

What’s new about UK bingo?

Everyone’s familiar with the classic 90 ball – and to a lesser extent, 75 ball – bingo. However, one of the biggest things to hit the online bingo industry is the growth in popularity of themed games. Most sites will have at least one or two themed games or bingo rooms – and these can take various forms.

There are new bingo games that have been adapted from slot game series – for example, Age of Gods. This particular bingo game features the original characters and likeness of the slot game so you can enjoy a similar, familiar gaming experience should you wish. Most games like this will work on the basis of a 90 ball or 75 ball bingo game, but will also command special features such as a chance to win an extra bingo bonus prize if you pick up a full house.

Understandably so, bingo rooms based on popular TV shows are in demand. These TV themed rooms include titles such as Friends Bingo, Crysal Maze Bingo, X-Factor Bingo, The Voice Bingo and loads more. Bingo tickets for these rooms fly out.

What these pay to play and free bingo games do well is they incorporate characters, music and clips from the original TV series with a classic 90 ball or 75 ball game to create a fully immersive and unique online bingo experience.

Another positive development is the range of welcome bonuses UK bingo sites offer new players now. Some are bingo bonuses (to be played on your online bingo game) and some are slot bonuses (for playing on popular slot games). If you’re lucky, you can find some sites offering both in their welcome bonus.

Are newer bingo sites secure?

The level of safety on a bingo site can worry customers in regards to security of their personal data and bank details. UK online bingo providers do their best to maintain security software that will keep your information safe and will not allow any data to be exploited by online hackers. There websites are securely encrpyted by something known as the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL).

There will be a lot of customers out there that are not aware of how computers completely work and what software is necessary, so they will not be able to check if the bingo site is using the latest digital encryption. Therefore, another way around this is to check the licensing of the bingo site. New UK bingo sites will be regulated under the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission), which means that the bingo site abides by strict laws that are in place to secure the safety of customers and have a fair betting experience.

New mobile bingo options

UK bingo sites do normally come mobile optimised. It is a necessity nowadays, otherwise they will miss out on a range of customers who value the convenience of playing on a mobile device. Mobile bingo sites, as well as being a great way of winning money and having fun, can also help people pass time. So, whether you are waiting for a train, waiting in the pub for football to start, or any other circumstance, you can quickly log in to your bingo account and get playing.

This year it has been projected that mobile bingo will overtake playing from a desktop and will become the new norm. Almost all your favourite UK sites will be on both formats and you can expect to find nearly all the same games, if not more, when playing from your phone.

Choose a site with the latest payment methods

There can be a misconception around brand UK bingo sites, well, new gambling sites in general. Payment methods can be a difficult aspect of betting, as there are so many different methods of payment, but not all sites can vouch for them. That is why they tend to offer the ones in which they seem to be the most popular. Based on the latest software being used on a new site, it can actually mean that you can find a wider variety of payment methods on newer sites, compared to the more senior ones. This is not always the case, but it does happen.

One rule that seems to stick with all sites, is that if you are claiming any sort of promotions that requires you to make a deposit or wager, you will need to use a card payment, so that would be any debit card. For claiming promotions, even a new bingo site will not allow e-wallets, prepaid cards, bank transfer or any other type of payment.

Latest software and bingo networks

This is one of the many perfect examples as to why customers should consider switching to new software. New software is more advanced. These newer sites are able to adapt to older sites’ software and make it that little bit better for players. New software allows online bingo operators to add more games to their library without it affecting the loading speed of the platform or of any of the games themselves.

If you were not already aware, it is not the bingo operators that develop the games they allow you to play, hence why you can play the same games at a range of different sites. It is in fact, the bingo software that produces the games. Examples of established bingo software developers include Cassava/Dragonfish or even Jumpman Gaming.

These particular developers are some of the best in the bingo industry. There is also such thing as a bingo game network, where you basically could be playing in the same bingo network and game, as someone that is playing on a different bingo site, in a different room. This would be because both rooms are playing on the same software network.


Playing bingo games

Lots of sites have been providing their players with more variety of games to play than older brands. Some of this is partly down to bingo networks like Dragonfish making this happen, but it’s a very welcoming change we’re happy to see. There are 75 ball, 90 ball and tons of free bingo rooms for you to play. Everything is in the realms of possibility with a new site with some having technology like webcams and innovative chat features.

Read more about some of the new games you can play at these sites, below:

Age Of The Gods Bingo – Playtech have taken the successful Age of the Gods slot series and made a new 90-ball bingo game. On top of the typical game prizes, if you hit a full house and reveal one of 3 different gods you trigger a bonus prize.

Friends Bingo – Sixteen years after it last aired on our TV screens, Friends still remains as popular as it was then – it’s no wonder the Friends Bingo game gets the same attention. It was Coral Bingo that took a big leap into licensing popular TV programmes and Friends Bingo is just one of those successes. The game is 90-ball bingo, but with an added card. This added card only gets filled with the numbers that create winning full houses on the standard card. Then, if you get a line, two lines or a full house on this extra card, you win even bigger prizes. In the meantime, enjoy the friendly vibes of the room.

The Voice Bingo – TV talent shows lend themselves very well to great bingo rooms too. Exclusively at Buzz Bingo, The Voice Bingo is a high-tempo 80-ball game. There’s no caller in this one. The numbers keep on coming to fill your 4 x 4 bingo tickets. And there’s just one prize in this game in standard play – for a full house. The Judges Chair feature gives players the chance of an additional jackpot prize.

New Bonuses

Now this aspect of UK sites can be a bit hit and miss. In some cases, the bingo bonus on a UK bingo site can be extremely rewarding, topping a lot of competitor bonuses. This is a massive feature to consider in order to boost the customer base. If the offer is better than others then customers will want to claim it, as it will give them a better start and give them more funds to play with. Although this is not always the case and some UK bingo websites may not have massive welcome packages as they just can’t fund that at this current time. If they do have an extremely lucrative offer then this is certainly a positive and something that you should take advantage of, because when the customer bases rise, the welcome package may decrease a little in value.

You can also take a look at some of the available promo codes. As with all bonuses, whether it is a UK bingo site bonus or not, there will be terms and conditions to be followed. The welcome bonus of any bingo operator is very important. These contain the likes of withdrawal restrictions, min deposit amount, payment exclusion, conversions, expiry dates and more. Bonuses that are included in games from UK sites can also differ.

If it is a new game, for example a new slot game, there may be bonus features that you haven’t experienced before. Software developers have gotten very creative with their gaming content now, where there are some inventive bonuses (like bonus spins) and awesome new features to help you win and plump up your real money balance.

One common type of bonus that we notice differs is the loyalty schemes. Newer sites’ loyalty schemes are more modern and fresher, with new features and prizes included that were once not really thought of in terms of rewards. The older sites will typically copy each other’s schemes and the rewards would be based on how many competitions points you earned. The newer bingo sites offer a better way of winning points and prizes, making it a bit more exciting.

Final Thoughts

It is certainly worth making a change sometimes from one bingo site to another. While it will not always be the case that one particular bingo site can offer you the whole experience, it is nice to be able to have a variety and then you can pick and choose which new site is appealing to you the most at that particular time. These new sites have definitely revitalised the UK gambling industry and made it a more entertaining environment for new players to experience all types of games and bonuses. Keep in touch with the advances by signing up to UK bingo sites once in a while – and get your bingo tickets ready.

We are not necessarily saying that you always need to register at a new site, because it could be the case that the bingo site you are at, is constantly upgrading their site. But it is nice to be registered with a few different bingo providers that are all going to offer you a different personalised experience. Gamble responsibly.

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