New Bingo Sites July 2024

If you are searching for all of the very best new bingo sites then you are definitely where you need to be. We know where to find all of the very best treats because we are fans of the game just like you, and we know exactly what it is that you are looking for.

We like to consider ourselves experts in this industry, so you don’t need to worry about going anywhere else. Take a look around our site and see what we have to offer you. If you’re looking for new bingo sites then you’ll feel spoiled for choice this year, as we’ve seen a lot of new ones coming online, but these are our favourites:

Is New Always Better?

New sites

In some ways, newer bingo sites have the edge, including:

  • They are new to the market and are creating a hype.
  • Players can usually expect an astronomical welcome bonus from a fresh site.

However, new sites are also uncharted territories. Unless part of a wider bingo network, players will not know what to expect from them.

Established Brands

Established brands can have the advantages in the following ways:

  • Quite simply, established brands know the market. They’ve tried and tested many things. These sites know what works and what doesn’t.
  • An established brand will have built up a reputation, one that you can research to make a decision.

The main drawback of playing at established sites is that some of them begin to get lazy. By lazy, we mean that they stop thinking of ways to draw players to the site.

The innovation of new promotions is happening both on new and established sites.

Their operators are thinking of more ways to reward players and also stand out. This includes new ways to play for free, new giveaway mechanics sand an increased emphasis on social media.

What to expect from new bingo sites in 2024

Exciting promotions, generous bonuses for players both new and old, varied and intriguing games, and free bingo deals are what our website is all about. We’ve created a shortlist of the newest brands to join the market after carefully researching them to ensure that you only get to see the cream of the crop.

Each of our choices is properly licensed and regulated by the UK Gambling Commission and uses high-end SSL encryption. Please remember that you must be at least 18 years old to join these sites. Plus, we kindly remind you to always gamble responsibly.

New bingo sites are being launched all the time, which means that players like you can pick and choose between the different welcome offers to ensure that you get the best deal. However, we appreciate that you may have some questions before you start looking at our shortlist and so, we’ve included some FAQ below which we hope that you’ll find helpful.

UK Licenced

Top of the list is a UK licence, as this shows that a site is actually safe for you to play on. This is a must and the licence should be displayed on the homepage of the site.


Fairness is also a big deal, as we want to make sure we’re playing on a site where the games are random and we’ll actually get paid out. You can double check if there are any external qualifications on the site to attest to that.


The security of the site is also important, as we like to know our details are totally under wraps. Most sites these days use 128 bit encryption, which greatly reduces the possibility of anyone being able to hack into your account.

Trusted Software Providers

A lot of sites feel the same, as they tend to use the same developers as one another. We like a lot of unique features and choice, whether that’s an additional bingo type or a totally bespoke platform.

Generous Deposit Bonuses

If we’re spending money with a site, then we’d quite like to be rewarded with bonuses. The more generous and frequent these bonuses are, the happier we are!

Welcome Packages

We also enjoy sites that have an overall welcome package, with a few different offers in store. This makes players much more likely to come back for more when they have some additional offers to look forward to.

Loyalty Rewards

In a similar vein, loyal players should be rewarded with extras! This could be a few free bingo tickets, spins or access to a special jackpot game – the possibilities are endless. All that matters is that we’re getting perks for splashing our cash.

Free Games

Players should be able to look forward to some free games too, as these will mean that they’re not always having to spend to play. This can be a regular fixture on the site or one off offers.

No Deposit Offers

Not all sites have these but it’s a nice added perk to be able to experience. These offers are great to kick start your time on a site with some freebies, before you decide if you want to deposit with them.

Newbie Offers

As a new player, it’s nice to see some dedicated offers – especially if they’re free! Newbie rooms, free bingo and tickets are all appreciated by newbies making their way around the site for the first time.

Friend Referral Rewards

If we get our friends to sign up with a site then we want a slice of the action! Referral rewards can vary greatly, from real cash and vouchers to bonuses. It’s important for a site to reward us enough to make this worth our while.

Diverse Game Selection

Bingo, slots and casino games are all common across the internet now and sites with additional games are our favourites. These keep us entertained by all manner of games, like instant wins for on the go or big jackpot games to look forward to.

Are Slots Taking Over the New Bingo Sites?

You may have noticed that throughout the last few years, slot games have crept into the bingo world more and more. There were a few knock on effects to this, including:

Slots and Games Bonuses Becoming More Prominent

Slot game players can rejoice as it looks like the promotional sections on new bingo sites will continue to diversify into slot game promotions. That meant more free spins and games bonuses, something which is sure to continue into the future.

Better catering to those that like slots and bingo
More interesting promotions
More free games
On some sites they replaced bingo offers
Not every player is interested in slots

Bingo Sites Launching Slot Sister Sites

Another trend were the slot sister sites. These branched off from already established sites and offered just slot games. As many players log into these sites purely for the slots, it makes sense they should have a separate site with bonuses geared to them.

New sites with new bonuses
More places to play with your favourite brands
Trusted operator
The offerings are pretty similar to the bingo sites

What’s Hot?

If you want to know the hottest new trends that we’re seeing then check out our predictions below:

  • New Networks – We’re beginning to see more, smaller networks that own just a few bingo sites with their own special promotions. This is diversifying things a bit, so it’s not just one or two networks controlling online bingo.
  • The Latest Tech – Online bingo sites are on the cutting edge of technology at the moment. Whether that’s becoming compatible with wearable devices or finding the next new payment method, a la Neteller.
  • Mobile Sites are Back – For a while it seemed that mobile sites were on the way out, as users favoured apps. New mobile bingo sites are fighting back though, with better HTML5 tech that rivals the apps out there.
  • New Ways to Communicate – Aside from the usual live chat or phone options, some new bingo sites operators are coming up with new ways to get in touch. Facebook messaging and even WhatsApp are now being experimented with.

What’s Ahead?

As we move through the upcoming year, we’re likely to see yet more changes coming to our favourite sites. Here are some of the trends that we expect to see:

  • We think that networks like the Dragonfish Real Money site will continue to grow next year. This trend of more no wager bingo site is one we expect to see a lot of.
  • More games will be released next year, but they won’t always be what we expect. We’re going to see more creative games, including variants on slots and bingo.
  • More sites are getting on board with the social media bandwagon, which means we’ll see more of these offers in future too. We’ll also be likely to see more sites using this means of interaction too.
  • We’re also looking forward to new no deposit bingo sites coming out next year too. These help us to get fab value for money and will continue to be a mainstay in the bingo world.
  • New legislation will also come into full effect next year, which will change the way that sites operate. Generally, this will just mean that withdrawal limits, terms and advertising are a bit fairer for players.
  • Alongside this, new bingo sites will also have their share of new payment methods too. These will keep players safe and surely bring some new innovation to the table, with the likes of cryptocurrency becoming more popular too.
  • Slot games are much more popular these days, so watch out for new bingo sites with free spins as part of the welcome offer. This gives us the best of both worlds really, as you generally still get a bingo bonus to play with too.
  • Free bingo games are also becoming a lot more common, which will again continue through. This is seen by a lot of sites as a good way to beat the bonus tax.
  • Terms and conditions are also likely to change, as sites want to give more power to the player. This means better deposit and withdrawal restrictions, better access into your transaction history and more. This is will be a great change for players.
  • We’d also love to see some major tech developments next year, as we now have the capacity for the likes of virtual and augmented reality games. This would be a really cool innovation to see, as we’d have some cool new ways to get playing.

While we have our predictions, we’d also love to see things that really surprise us in the future. There’s simply so much going on in the realms of technology and bingo too, so they could both really surprise us in coming together more.

New Bingo Sites Payment Methods

So many new payment methods have been hitting the scenes recently, as the tech behind them becomes a lot more sophisticated. Your choices to play on new online bingo sites now include:

Debit/Credit Cards

These are the most straightforward ways to deposit for most players, but they’re not the most secure when compared to other payment methods.

Phone Bill Payments

Many phone providers are now allowing players to add their deposits on top of their monthly phone bill. This means you can deposit with just your phone number.


Lots of people favour eWallets like PayPal for their bingo transactions as they’re so quick and easy to use. They can often have the fastest processing time for withdrawals too.


For those that don’t want to share their details with a site eVouchers present the perfect payment method. Just buy them in a shop and then use the PIN to add the value to your account.

New Players

If you’re a newbie, here are some answers to the most commonly asked questions we come across from new players:

Can we be inspired by Brand New Bingo Sites?

The answer is a ‘yes’ we must say that the promotions have really been abundant especially the no deposit bingo sites. Let’s hope that they will continue to offer new players a generous free chance to play on their site a great motivator to test the online bingo site for free and have tempting reload bonuses on future deposits.

New bingo sites are bound to be filled with a variety of interesting games and prizes making almost a guaranteed possibility for each one worth a look, Interestingly mobile phones are becoming another entrance into the casino and bingo games a great inspiration by the developers to keep one amused while one is out commuting or waiting in those never ending queues.

Some on line bakers are promising the possibility of getting vouchers by using your mobile we do wonder what else will be invented it seems as though nothing else can be. We mean what else? But somehow it really is never-ending and for sure competition will be a great motivator for new no deposit bingo sites to compete with each other, providing better customer service, special bonuses and prizes for those loyal players who just love to stay with the same sites most of the time.

CH hosted games with good chat masters has to be a focal point in new bingo sites, the more initiative that is shown on inventing new quick games with nice little prizes to keep us bingo lovers interested and getting encouraged by the CH makes us want to come back for more again and again. On line bingo sites using Dragonfish have really upgraded the visual display of slots casino and instant win games etc. many new bingo sites are sure to consider using this software, who will just hopefully keep inventing new stuff.

Some sites have offered part of their profit to charity, with any luck many other sites will follow suit making the customers feel as though not only are they having fun playing, but know that some of the well spent money having fun is going to a good cause, We are really looking forward to seeing how our favorite bingo sites are going to invent new and pleasing ways to make us customers feel taken care of.

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