75 Ball

The wonderful world of online Bingo means that you can play every imaginable type of Bingo game from the comfort of your own home at the click of a mouse, and in this section of the website we shall take a look at the online Bingo game known as 75 ball bingo.

You don’t need a high I.Q to guess that the game of 75 Ball Bingo does indeed use 75 Bingo balls, these are all of the numbers from one through to and including 75.

The Bingo cards that are used in the game of 75 Ball Bingo are presented in a grid format with 5 numbers across and five numbers down, and the center number is often a free square which means you can cross it off before the Bingo game starts.

There are a ton of different Bingo game patterns that are in play in the game of 75 Ball Bingo which is why they use this variant in the Bingo chat games, if you have never played this form Bingo chat games then you really should give them a try.

The most common Bingo patterns used in the game of 75 Ball Bingo are any line upwards, downwards or the four corner number and occasionally the game is played for a full house which means you need to cross off all numbers on the Bingo card first to be a jackpot winner.

One site that is worth checking out where you can play the Bingo game of 75 Ball Bingo is the impressive William Hill Bingo, who don’t really need an introduction, they are one of the biggest land based gaming company with thousand of employees and gambling venues.

In fact all of the Bingo sites listed on our website carry this Bingo variant and with card prices starting at just one cent it is a very cost effective Bingo game to play.

75 Ball Bingo Games

Walk along any promenade in the UK and you will probably come across a few amusement arcades who offer Bingo, these particular venues utilize the 75 Ball Bingo games and now you can play then online, but what you may ask is the difference between 75 Ball Bingo Games and the other varieties, well allow us to tell you.

First and foremost 75 Ball Bingo Games uses 75 Bingo balls and when you purchase a card or ticket it will have 25 numbers on it presented in a grid format with five numbers across and five numbers down.

The middle number is often a free number this means you can usually mark this off your card without having to have had a number called out. Using this grid format means there are several different ways you can win on each card or ticket.

75 Ball Bingo Games Patterns

So let us now enlighten you to the different winning patterns that are most commonly used when playing 75 Ball Bingo Games online. The first is the four corners, this as the name suggests is a winning ticket that has had all four corner numbers marked off it.

Any line is simply any line of five numbers that have been marked off, this could be diagonally, vertically or horizontally. Sometimes you will be playing for a full house and when you are you will need to cross off all numbers on your card or ticket.

75 Ball Bingo Chat Games

Many of our featured Bingo sites will allow you to participate in what are known as Bingo chat games, and to take part you need to enter the chat room of the Bingo site and listen out to the instructions given by the Bingo Host or as they are known Chat Master.

The Chat Master will then inform you what playing pattern you will be playing for on the next game and you have to claim your prize, which is paid in addition to the normal Bingo game, by staking your claim via the chat room! You can also chat to your fellow Bingo players via the chat room so it is a great way to socialize when playing Bingo online.

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