90 Ball

The most popular Bingo game of all time is the classic game of 90 Ball Bingo which is played in virtually every single country across the globe and you can now play this Bingo game online when ever you want.

You won’t get a tin hat and a gold star for guessing that 90 Ball Bingo does indeed use 90 Bingo balls, these are all of the numbers from one through to and including 90.

The Bingo cards that are used in the game of 90 Ball Bingo are presented in a three line format with five numbers printed on each line.

With just three possible winning Bingo patterns in use on the game of 90 Ball Bingo means that you can win one of three prizes in each Bingo game.

The first Bingo pattern is for getting one line on any single Bingo card, the next prize is in part two of the 90 Ball Bingo game and this is for getting any two lines on any single Bingo card, the biggest prize on offer is for getting all of the numbers on any one Bingo card crossed off before any other player does, the prize for this full house is the biggest on each game of 90 Ball Bingo..

One site that is worth checking out where you can play the Bingo game of 90 Ball Bingo is the impressive Mecca Bingo, who don’t really need an introduction, they are one of the biggest land based gaming company with thousand of employees and gambling venues.

In fact all of the Bingo sites listed on our website carry this Bingo variant and with card prices starting at just one cent it is a very cost effective Bingo game to play.

90 Ball Bingo Games

Once upon a time you could only play 90 Ball Bingo in a land based Bingo Hall or Bingo Club, but now thanks to the wonders of the internet you no longer have to make a trek outside to play this most popular UK Bingo game.

As the name suggest 90-Ball Bingo has 90 numbers in he Bingo drum from one to ninety and these numbers are drawn out one by one until someone manages to win a game, their a just a few winning patterns on 90 Ball Bingo.

The standard game of 90 Bingo is split into three different phases, you will first be playing for one line, this is when you have crossed on all the numbers on any one line of your Bingo card or ticket. Next you will be playing for two lines, and this simply means you have crossed off two different line on any one ticket or card.

The final phase of 90 Bingo is the full house, here you have to cross off all numbers on any one Bingo card or ticket and if you are the first to do so then you will win. The prize for the full house is often much greater than either the one or two line prizes.

Where To Play 90 Ball Bingo

Mecca Bingo is the place to head to if you want to play some of the best 90 Bingo games as they have more of them running than you can shake a stick at!

They offer some of the biggest and best 90 Bingo jackpots and they offer great value for money thanks to their low priced tickets and their on going Bingo bonuses.

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