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Bingo Fabulous Deposit £10 Play with £35 up to £100

In this epic review we will be giving you all the best information there is to know about the extremely fun Bingo Fabulous online bingo site. We have decided to review this popular site because it has grown massively recently and the popularity it has endured has made it a top site that is not one to be overlooked in any way, shape or form!

Some people regard Bingo Fabulous as a pioneer in the industry and this is understandable because the site has been operating since September 2011, making it a well-established bingo site that has held it’s place in the industry for a decent amount of time. In this jam-packed bingo review you will be able to find out all there is to know about what top features Bingo Fabulous has to offer, why it has excelled so much in why you must start playing on it!


When I first got onto the homepage on Bingo Fabulous I instantly came across a large selection of offers and bonuses which do infact look very enticing. These offers vary in many ways and there are lots of them to be taken advantage of. Due to the fact that the majority of bingo players tend to sign up to sites that offer lots of bonuses, I think this has helped Bingo Fabulous on the popularity scale and it is clear to see that more and more punters are signing up to play on the site for this reason.

The topic of depositing and withdrawing is something that is essential when playing bingo online and the minimum amount that you can withdraw when playing on Bingo Fabulous is £5. Now in terms of depositing, £5 is the minimum amount that can be deposited by players however £10 is the minimum if the welcome bonus is being used.

We know that our readers love mobile bingo and because of this I am sure you will love the Bingo Fabulous mobile phone app. This tremendous site offers a free app which promises to give players an exhilarating experience from wherever they may be as long as they have their mobile device and an established internet connection. Compatible devices include Samsung phones and iPhones as well as Android tablets too.


Due to the fact that I am a passionate online bingo player who has been playing for many years, I have played on enough sites to understand what the main features are and what should be of a high quality on a bingo site. The layout on a bingo site is something I always look out for, there are several reasons for this but it is mainly because it can affect the overall experience and a good layout/bad layout can either make or break the overall bingo experience for any punter in my opinion.

Bingo Fabulous does infact have a tremendous layout that I am very happy with. I didn’t know what type of layout this site would have because I had never played on it before but after spending a decent amount of time on the site I think it is fair to say that the layout on Bingo Fabulous is just how it should be and I don’t have any issues with it at all.

The layout is actually quite simple and basic but this is alright because it still manages to be very effective at the same time. The logo simply displays the name of the site and it is situated in the left corner, opposite this is where players have the option to sign up or login.

The main tab on the homepage features several different tabs, some of these tabs are ‘bingo games’, ‘instant games’ and ‘loyalty’. Just below the main tab, you will come across a large image which displays the best welcome bonus that is available to players. This image changes on a frequent basis and the T&Cs can be found just below the image.

Information in regards to the latest jackpots, depositing, what payment methods can be used and how to get in contact with Bingo Fabulous can all be found towards the bottom of the homepage.


I personally think that there are many factors which can play a part in the overall experience a bingo punter has when playing on a bingo site and the software is one feature which plays an essential part for sure.

The software that a site runs on can affect the smoothness, ease of navigation, quality of graphics, responsiveness and so much more! With this in mind, I think the software that Bingo Fabulous runs on is truly great because all of the essential features which have just been mentioned were how they should be and I think that Dragonfish have yet again managed to prove how much of a top company they are with the tremendous work they have done on Bingo Fabulous.


If you are a frequent bingo player like myself then you will know that promotions/bonuses are very important and they play a huge part in the overall bingo experience for any player. Luckily for you, Bingo Fabulous is rammed with epic bonuses, jackpots and promotions which are all truly fabulous!

Pretty much all of the popular promotions can be seen on the homepage whilst the remainder of them can be found on the ‘promotions’ page. There are plenty of top promotions on Bingo Fabulous, including free spins and even multipliers so make sure you have a browse.

One of the most popular bonuses on Bingo Fabulous is Deposit £10, Play with £35 up to £100.

Bingo Games

Players on Bingo Fabulous will be able to play 75 ball bingo, high 5 bingo and 90 ball bingo.

Deposits and Withdrawals

The payment methods that are accepted are Visa, PayPal and MasterCard.


Bingo Fabulous, which has been online since 2011, has a lively and active community of bingo players. Interact with other roomies from around the world with an incredible integrated chat feature. The bingo site is yet to set up social media accounts on Facebook and Twitter, though if you sign up to their email newsletter you’ll get more of the latest offers that way.

Bingo Fabulous mobile

Currently, there’s no Bingo Fabulous app though you can still play on the Bingo Fabulous mobile site. When you visit on your iPhone, iPad or Google Android device, you’ll reach the mobile-optimised site and it will work as though you were on a desktop.

Our Verdict

All in all, Bingo Fabulous is a truly epic online bingo site which I think is certainly one of a kind. This site is not only unique but is well-developed, fun to play on and very good for those who are seeking large payouts!

The graphics on this Dragonfish developed site are terrific. In addition to this, there are a great range of bonuses which can definitely help those that want to win lots of money. Overall, Bingo Fabulous has managed to impress me majorly and I certainly recommend it to anybody who wants to play on a fresh bingo site that has all the top features!

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